by Curt Dodd

Part II
The Bible says in Colossians that just as you receive Jesus
Christ by faith, you continue to live in Him, rooted in Him.
You know there's not one way you receive Christ and you're to
live a different way but just as you receive Him, you're to
continue to live in Him every day and that is one aspect that
cannot be overlooked and that is the area of faith. I tell you
what if I have ever experienced a great experience in the Lord,
it was yesterday.

A friend of mine was preaching at the Evangelism Conference for
the State of Texas and I had to go support him and listen to him
preach. He did a wonderful job and I enjoyed that. I had a
chance to hear a couple of men I've never heard before and maybe
you've never heard of them either, one was a black preacher who
just blessed my heart, he was talking about, "Quench not the
Spirit." Man, he got into it, he was exciting to hear. He got
to talking that Jesus is the "paraclete". That is a Greek Word
that talks about he who comes alongside of, the ministry of the
Holy Spirit, who is the "paraclete" and he went from Greek into
English and he said, "I want you to know, he's not only the
paraclete, but he is the parasol. He is one who is over your
head and will comfort you in the midst of the trials of your
life to take the heat of the sun and during the sweat of your
brow." He said, "He's not only the paraclete and the parasol,
He's the paramedic. He makes house calls and office calls and
He will be there to meet your need." I was hoping he would move
on but he didn't so I figured, "Man I ought to preach that
sermon and say, 'He's not the paraclete, the parasol, the

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