by Curt Dodd

How To Be A POWER Mom
Curt Dodd
Proverbs 31:1-31

Today as we celebrate motherhood, it is important for us to
realize that there has never been, with a rise of semitism, it
is important that women who believe the Bible focus on being
everything that God wants them to be. This is a positive day
for womanhood just as when the New Testament was written. When
Paul wrote almost half of the New Testament, what he says about
women pointing out their benefits and their leadership roles and
important place in society, he elevated them higher than they
had ever been elevated before. Since then womanhood has been on
a roll. Even today, from statistics that have gathered, women
are feeling better about themselves than ever before. In fact,
a new one-million-dollar survey of thirty-five-hundred women
commissioned by the Avon Products, Inc. found that eighty-seven
percent of the women surveyed feel down right invincible and
they can do just about anything that they set their minds to.
Most of them have strong feelings of kinship with other women
and seventy-eight percent agree that men cannot understand women
as well as other women can. For that I would say, "Amen!"

Power women is a theme of the 90's, being a power mom should be
as well. According to the Population Reference Bureau released
this month, it predicts that the family life in the 1990's will
be marked by great diversity. Some of the findings that they
have found are one in four babies is now born to an unmarried
mother compared to one in ten in 1970. Number two, about half
of all children today will spend some time of their childhood in
a single parent home. Three, over half of all the mothers with
pre ...

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