by Curt Dodd

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Part I
Philippians 3:12-21

Before I teach tonight I want us just to pray together. Our
students, the majority of our students, are tonight at one of
our schools. This morning at about seven o'clock all across the
country there was something called "See you at the Pole!"
Students from, well, it first started out as a Baptist kind of
deal, and now it's expanded into all kinds of denominations and
it first started out in Texas and it is now across the United
States. They stood there at the flag poles and just claimed
their campus for Christ and prayed for their teachers and for
their witness on campus. Tonight there is a big rally of all
the students in the area who attended that and they have a
couple of pro-athletes who will be leading that conference and
that's where our students are tonight. So basically this is
more of an adult kind of meeting tonight.

But before I open the Bible and we go into Philippians in
Chapter 3, I wanted us just to pray together, maybe there are
some requests that you'd like to pray for or there are some
things on your heart, on your mind, maybe a situation, maybe
something that we can lift up as a family together. So, hey,
we're spread out a little tonight, maybe you have a prayer and
the Bible says that you're to share it with the body so that
others can literally bear your burden, so let's take a moment to
share some prayer requests right now. Maybe you have one.
Yes ma'am. A tough situation, pray for Andy and pray for his
parents and pray for Fran's son that God would use him in a very
positive way in his life. So pray for Andy. Yes, Dale. Yes, I
don't ...

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