by Curt Dodd

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Part III
Philippians 3:12-21
You know it seems like some people have it better than others.
Have you ever noticed that? It seems like that when you look at
life and you see some variables that some people have and you
don't, isn't it kind of frustrating in your life?

Tonight I want you to look at God's Word from a different
perspective. If you will, take your Bibles and turn to
Philippians, Chapter 3, for the last several weeks we've been
talking about building a positive attitude. Our attitudes are
very important. Now let me tell you something. That's why
there is kind of a different thing that we're doing in Midweek
Lift. That's why children really aren't in here. That's why
students and adults are invited to come to Midweek Lift and
children are not encouraged to come. Let me tell you why.

Children are more a reflection of their environment and of their
parents and their attitudes come quickly reflecting the
experiences of everything around them, especially their parents.
Adults and students, who have had a little bit more life under
them, realize there is an individual responsibility and that I
personally must respond and be held for what the response that I
give to anyone at any time. Because they are placed more in
deeper relationships and given deeper responsibility, there is a
need to understand that responsibility. The more you get around
people, the more you realize, "I need a positive attitude
because my attitude affects everyone." You know it seems like
there are three groups of people.

1. People who fail
If you look at it, from the outside looking in on someon ...

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