by Curt Dodd

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Part II
Philippians 3:12-21
There is so much that if you read the paper and you watch TV
that just takes you down. And if you walk in school and you
walk at home and you're around folks that have been inundated
with that kind of stuff it takes you even further down. How in
the world are you going to stay up as believer?

You know, one of the passages in the scripture out of I Peter
says to be prepared to give an answer for the faith that's in
you for anybody that will ask. The problem is there are a lot
of people not asking Christians because Christians are getting
sucked down and they're not allowed by their own attitude,
because they are affected by the world to have a kind of an
electric mentality and an electric personality, and a magnetic
kind of draw on their countenance and in their life to even
raise the interest level in anybody about what they have.
Because our world is filled full of people who are just trying
to make it one more day.

Here in the Book of Philippians we are talking about how to
develop a positive attitude. Though we've taken a couple of
weeks' detour, allow me to go ahead and refresh you as you're
turning to Philippians Chapter 3, we are looking at verses
12-21, about developing that positive attitude and doing that is
very important. In order to develop a positive attitude you
need two things, a positive perspective that we are talking
about tonight as well as a second thing that we'll talk about
some time later, progressive perseverance.

Now the last time we were together in this passage, we talked
about building a positive perspective, how do you ...

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