by Curt Dodd

I Corinthians 13:4
"Love is patient".
Relationships are the most important thing in life because: 1.
relationships determine our happiness. They become our greatest
source of pain, or become our greatest foundation of joy.

Relationships are the most important thing in life because: 2.
relationships determine our success. If you cannot get along
with people, you will not move to a place of being able to work
with people, and if you cannot work with people, then you will
not be able to lead people. And if you cannot lead people, you
cannot be a success. The number one skill that each person
needs to learn in their life is how to get along with others.

Relationships are the most important thing in life because: 3.
relationships determine our character. The kinds of people we
hang around with will mold how we think, and what we accept in
our life as socially, morally, spiritually and even physically
acceptable. That's why parents need to give great attention to
the detail of the kinds of children their children have as best
friends. And that's why we as adults need to constantly look at
ourselves and look at the kinds of characters we hang around
with to make sure they are positive influences on our life, and
not the reverse. It is not that you judge someone, but you
realize that if you stay in a basket full of rotten apples, you
too will have soft, moldy worthless skin eventually yourself.

When it comes to relationships, the key word is love, but we
have a tendency to really not understand what love is. We have
a difficult time defining it. We have learned in the last
several weeks t ...

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