by Curt Dodd

James 2:1-12
Part 1
If you will, take your Bibles and turn to James, chapter 2,
James, chapter 2. As you're turning there, allow me to share
with you that real biblical faith makes a difference in how we
live. Especially, how we evaluate others and that's where we're
going tonight in looking at the worth of others. Allow me to
share with you that the walk toward godliness is a progressive
walk. Never forget that. That's why our patience with one
another needs to be just that. Patience.

As I look at many of you and have known many of you for long
periods of time, nothing creates greater excitement in my life
than to see real progression of spiritual maturity come through
your life. I can say that in the lives of many of you that I
have had a chance to be involved with in ministry; but in that
progressive walk, just because you're born again and a man's
eternal destiny changes and the power of sin is broken doesn't
mean that overnight they are going to be a grown, mature
follower of Christ.

It is a progressive walk; however, those old habits die slowly,
but surely if one knows Christ, as the new life in Christ grows
and develops, an individual matures. One of the most critical
aspects of growing in Christ is how we treat others. In fact the
depth of our maturity can often be weighed by the power of
someone's appearance over us. In these next thirteen verses
that we are going to read we will be probed by the Spirit of God
in how we evaluate others. So allow me to read these words to
you, words that prick hearts and help us evaluate our
perspectives of other people. James writes:
"My broth ...

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