by Curt Dodd

James 1:22-27

With every head bowed, would you just sit quietly before the
Lord right now. He knows how busy your day has been, He knows
how tired your body is even right now and He knows what you're
inner most need is, He knows your real pain, He knows where you
need to grow right now, would you open your heart right now and
ask Him to speak to you tonight.

"Lord Jesus, that's exactly what we pray, that you would open
our spiritual eyes tonight and you would give us a glimpse of
not only who we are in you, but who you are. And Father I pray
that we would bow before you and surrender afresh and anew this
night. Many of us first met you, Jesus, when we were young
children, singing songs like 'Every day with Jesus is sweeter
than the day before.' Sometimes, Lord, it's so easy to take you
for granted. Some of us as teenagers maybe at a camp, or on a
weekend and the cares of this world somehow, sometimes just
chokes out our first love for you. Many of us tonight as adults
long for a fresh revival to sweep our souls for we know the
completion that you give us and the joy that is unspeakable and
we long for you to touch us, really touch us. And we are here
tonight to worship you and to praise and to tell you that our
hearts are open before you. Thank you for bringing us together
safely tonight and as we open your Word, O Holy Spirit, illumine
our minds and empower our walks. In Jesus' Name I pray. Amen."

Well, I'm glad you're here tonight. And I just want to tell you
as a Praise Team you have blessed us tonight and helped us
really enter into a spirit of worship. You be praying for me as
I prepare t ...

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