by Curt Dodd

Philippians 2:19-30

Tonight before we begin, I open God's word for the short time we
have together, I want us to spend time praying for several needs
in our church and in the family here and so tonight I want to
begin this by sharing with you that we need to be praying for
our Junior High Mission Trip that is happening right now. They
are in route to the Dallas area and will be working in the inner
city and then performing one of the musicals that they've been
working on. We need to be praying that not only will God give
them a safe trip but will also use their ministry to touch the
lives of some people who desperately need to be touched. And so
I want you to remember them tonight.

Maybe there are some other requests that you would like to be
made known, let me go ahead and give you another one, Charlie
Gilmer is in route from Tyler, he and his wife, Nell, have been
up there for the last two days, his brother-in-law, Nell's
brother, the kind of patriarch of the family is having
tremendous problems heart-wise. He went into a coma, Charlie
went up there, they did not expect him to live, and then
miraculously he came out of the coma and Charlie is on his way
back. But we need to really be praying for Nell's brother. I
think we need to be praying that God will miraculously heal him
as well.

Somebody else, maybe you have a need that you would like this
body to pray for tonight. Why don't you make it known, share it
right now? Yes ma'am. Amen, we will, God bless you for
sharing that. Somebody else, maybe there is a need in your
life. Yes ma'am. Thank you, Debbie, Ruth French, her husband,

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