by Curt Dodd

Part II
Philippians 2:19-30
Thank you Marci, when I think about summer and feel the heat
outside, I have a flashback. Do you ever have these flashbacks
that take you way back? The flashback that I have had recently
with the heat in August has taken me all the way back to when I
was a Freshman in High School. A real macho kind of a guy.

I'll never forget August my Freshman Year. I played football
and August was a tough time! It was a time when we had
"two-a-days". I don't know if you're familiar with "two-a-days"
but that's when you go two times a day for the purpose of
getting in shape. Early morning they would work us out for two
hours it wouldn't be in full pads, it would be just shoulder
pads and a half T-shirt. That was in the days when you didn't
mind wearing a half T-shirt because there wasn't anything really
to cover up. Then we'd work out and work out on plays and run
and then we'd come back at about three o'clock and we'd go all
the way to dark and we would put on full pads and it was serious
football, it happened the entire month of August to get us

When I was a Freshman, the coach decided that I was going to be
a guard, that I was going to be quick-side guard and I thought
to myself, "I don't want to be a guard!" That's the position
right next to the center. The quick-side guard on the left side
was a guard that was a pulling guard and every once in while you
could pull and go and run with the running backs and knock
somebody on their "blessed assurance" as you moved along the
line. But I really wanted to play defense.

I wanted to play defense in the baddest way, ...

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