by Curt Dodd

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Part I
Philippians 3:1-11
Thank you Praise Team. Boy! Okay, Charles I promise not to
call you any more. No I didn't call him. But each one of us
have been there. Maybe you're there tonight. Sometimes in the
Christian Life you wonder where do you find the strength to go
on. You see some Christians with great confidence, still you
see others that lag behind. Tonight I want you to follow along
with me in eleven verses though you know that tonight we won't
have time to hit them all. We'll come back and deal with them
more directly.

You know personally, let me just go ahead and tell you, I think
our worship services are reversed. I think on the weekend, we
probably need to go on an hour and on Midweek Lift, I wish we
could go on an hour and one-half; and the praise, I wish we
could stay longer in praise and I wish we had not a window of
where I had to shut it down and be able to unfold a little bit
more of the meat of God's word and the significance of the
meaning of God's Word for your life. Right now I'm just going
to take that which God allows us to do tonight on schedule.

There in Philippians, Chapter 3, verses 1-11 as we continue to
make this progress through this wonderful book and there's only
one other chapter past chapter 3, but there is so much meat,
some serious T-bone steak cooked medium rare for you that will
give you strength, give you protein, that your spiritual life
desperately needs and we need to grab hold of this tonight about
how to build confidence God's way. So if you will, let me read
the first eleven verse and then I will begin to share with you
some wonderful insight. ...

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