by Curt Dodd


Deuteronomy 27:16

"Cursed is the man who dishonors his father or his mother.' Then
all the people shall say, 'Amen!"

If there is one passage of scripture that touches all of our
lives, it is those particular passages that tell us to honor our
father and especially our mother. It is a passage that will
probably be read over and over again today throughout all the
churches in Christendom that celebrate Mother's Day. The
scripture has many, many individual passages that talk about
honor. I have several questions. Why are we to honor our
mothers and our fathers?

1. God Requires the Obedience
Well, first of all I would share with you that God requires the
obedience. Even if there was no other reason to do it because
God said do it, we are to do it. It doesn't make any difference
whether our mothers are worthy of honor, whether they ever
deserted us, whether they ever met any needs of our life or not,
we are to honor them because God says so.

2. Our Society Needs the Example
Number two, we are to honor our mothers because our society
needs the example. There in Lamentations 5:12, the Bible says:
...elders are shown no respect.
What a description of the way our society has a tendency to
treat people who have paid their debt, not only to society but
more than anything, to their family. Our society does not have
the kind of honor for the elderly, for parents, like they need
to have. Basically, because we have not listened to God and
second of all, we have not listened to God, we are not providing
the example for our children when they get older. Our soc ...

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