by Curt Dodd


There are some trips you go on and really look forward to --
trips like vacations, fishing trips, golfing, holidays, going to
grandmothers, going to a baseball game or a sports event.
However there are some times that you have to go on a certain
trip and you really don't want to but you know you need to --
like business trips, going to the doctor, going to the dentist.
Often there are trips that you feel uneasy about taking but you
go anyway, maybe it's the traveling arrangements like the
weather or the internal emotional uneasiness because of a new
adventure and the anxiety that results from that.

However there is one trip that we often book years in advance
unknowingly make mental time to travel and once you begin to
travel this way, it's hard to get off and head back. It's the
guilt trip. Loaded with the luggage of past regrets, we board
the emotional mental plane of pain assisted by the stewardships
of blame and remorse and piloted by Captain Condemnation. It's
a trip we take seated in an uncomfortable chair with the stereo
headphones blaring at us the rap music of "If only I had done
this..." or "If only I had said this ...". What happens is
simply a violated conscience of years ago keeps producing the
music of regrets which helps promote the fabric of guilt.

Today I want us to examine how we can cancel our guilt trip. We
will look at several things: first, we'll look at guilt: where
we make our reservation; two, guilt: how we travel with it; and
three, guilt: how we get a refund; and last, guilt: God's travel
plan for you.

Today I want you to get real serious about dealing with any

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