by Curt Dodd


Would you bow your head right now and close your eyes? Not one
person moving. Would you ask the Lord right now - "Lord, do I
need to forgive anyone? Do I need the forgiveness of someone?"
Thank you, heavenly Father, for speaking to our hearts bringing
names to our minds and actions. We're trusting you now to teach
us how to forgive. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen.

In your house, there happens to be sheetrock if you have a
regular home and you're not living in a log cabin. But when
they put sheetrock together in initial stages because the studs
are not always flush, often there is a gap between the sheetrock
and when the sheetrock comes against each other, sometimes it
does leave a crack. And many of our homes are just like that.
They are uneven and our relationships are full of cracks and
because of coming against other people and living in community
in your home with other people, in your office and in a church,
often there comes the need for the floater and taper. That is
the man with special mud and special tape who comes and, if need
be, attaches stilts to his feet and gets up in those high places
up in the ceiling and up in the walls and gobs mud and puts tape
and gobs mud and puts tape and makes it, with a metal object,
which I forgot the name of, smooths that thing out to where it's
flat and when the painter comes and paints or the wallpaper
hanger hangs wallpaper, you don't know where the sheetrock had
been uneven because someone had come and made things right. In
our homes there is a desperate need for floating and taping and
I'm not just talking about hardware. In our offices, there is a
des ...

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