by Curt Dodd

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James 5:1 & 6

Now listen, you rich people, weep and wail because of the misery
that is coming upon you. You have condemned and murdered
innocent men, who were not opposing you.

If you will, take your Bibles and turn to James chapter 5. As I
come on the homestretch, whatever that means to you, about
getting through the Book of James, we've come down to the very
last twenty verses and they break themselves down into about
three different sections that we will address. In fact, you can
title the very first six verses, "A Faith that Proclaims", or "A
Faith that Speaks." We'll look at that very clearly. Then in
verses 7-12, we will look at in the next several weeks "A Faith
that Perseveres", it endures all kinds of things; it continues
to keep on keeping on. Then in the last several verses, 13-20,
we will end with that section that you can call, "A Faith that
Prays." We'll talk about faith praying, how to get your prayers
answered. So tonight let's continue on by looking at the first
six verses of James chapter 5.

But before we do, I want us to spend a little moment and time in
prayer. Tomorrow morning is a very special time. The men of
our church will be hosting a Metropolitan Men's Breakfast. Not
a prayer breakfast, but it is a breakfast, an opportunity for us
to reach out and touch some guys who probably would not come to
church based on an invitation into these walls; but would be
open for a men's deal in a very neutral location. So we're
doing a breakfast that has been underwritten and sponsored by
the men who are sponsoring these tables to invite their friends
bo ...

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