by Curt Dodd


James 5:7-12

If you will, take your Bibles and turn to James chapter 5, Jaems
chapter 5 and we will focus tonight on verses 7-12. Several
years ago, especially those years before I broke snowsking, I
got into that awful habit of jogging. Maybe you have entered
such a discipline in your life at a particular time to help get
yourself in shape for whatever journey that "In shape" may be.
I'll never forget when I first decided I was going to do it, I
went out and boughtEme some cute little jogging shorts and some
real official looking heavy-duty jogging shoes and one of these
serious looking athletic shirts. My feeling has always been, if
you can't do something at least look like you can. Dress for
the occasion and so I bought some highpowered tennis shoes and
some highpowered outfits to get some serious jogging at night
mind you. Not that anybody would see it but it was going to be
at night.

For me it worked out best after everybody went to bed and after
everything quieted down, I would take off running in our
neighborhood and run all the way up to Jones Road and all the
back to my house which was around two and one-half to three
miles. Well, I didn't really start out two and one-half to
three miles; in fact, I'll never forget running that first
one-half mile. I thought to myself, "I shouldn't have bought
the tennis shoes." That was a poor investment but I knew that I
needed this serious aerobic exercise. So I kept pushing and
kept pushing and kept pushing and I was up to a mile running
non-stop. Now mind you the mile was not real fast but at least
I was moving. I was not ...

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