by Curt Dodd

A Study of James (James 1:1)

Let's pray together. Heavenly Father, we thank you that you're
here. Lord, I know that of the company of people that are here
this night, the great longing that is inside each of us is to
really know you, to experience you, to have such a walk with you
that our lives are truly different, to have such a relationship
with you that you make yourself evident in our life. And we
come here tonight needing simply that--a midweek lift. To sense
you, to line our priorities in our lives with you. So tonight
as we open your word together, I pray that you would make it
come alive and take us on a journey of what it really means to
walk with you. In Jesus Name I pray, Amen.

If you will, take your Bibles and turn to James, the Book of
James, Chapter 1, we'll look at one verse tonight and hopefully,
we'll get that far. Let me tell you what my biggest frustration
is as a pastor, I've been in the ministry, some form of the
ministry and I've done just about all kinds of ministry
positions for being a pastor, since 1970, gee whiz, so I've been
in the ministry going on now twenty-four (24) years. The
greatest thing that I've seen as one of the biggest problems
especially within the last five to ten years, within the last
decade is this, that there is an overwhelming, unbelievable,
verbal acclamation of "I know Christ." But there is a true lack
of outward living of the faith that is declared by many.

Today, I opened the "U.S.A. Today" and looked, I love the
surveys, that's where I get a lot of the statistics that I get
from all the stats and all the surveys. It was talking about
the s ...

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