by Curt Dodd

James 4:13-17

Tonight I want to encourage you to take your Bibles and turn to
James, chapter 4, and as you're turning, allow me to share with
you something that I really want you to begin to pray about
that's been real quiet that we've been doing underneath the
scenes; but I be out front before you to ask you to pray for.
A week from tomorrow morning we will be posting something called
the Metropolitan Men's Breakfast and there will be somewhere in
the neighborhood of about forty or fifty tables which the men in
our church have paid for and it will be at the Ramada Inn and
the purpose for it is the beginning of our men's ministry but on
the base of evangelism. What's so wonderful about this is doing
it on an off-church site is one of the neatest things in the
world. We're going to meet from about 6:30 until about 7:50 am.
It'll be a Continental Breakfast and at each table there will
be either one or two of our men who are table hosts and they
will have invited somewhere in the neighborhood of about four to
six lost guys or men who really need the Lord to come. Craig
Reynolds, former Houston Astro, will come and share his
testimony. It will be a time where men will have a chance to
get together and will hear a challenge about how to let Jesus
control your life and have an opportunity to respond to receive
Christ. It'll be one of the neatest things we've ever done.

Next Tuesday night, our table sponsors will be getting together
to pray along with their wives at our Family Life Center and
maybe hear a word from Craig Reynolds. It will be a wonderful
It is called the Metropolitan Men's Breakfast. It ...

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