by Curt Dodd

Why Enough is Never Enough
Matthew 6:19-34

Psychologist have been studying the group of people who are
already rich yet never seem to have enough such as Ivan Botski,
the Hunt Brothers and many others. They have an obsession with
making money to the point that they risk all, even going to
jail. Most of them are Type "T"'s, or people who take risks,
who break rules and often change history. Each culture allows a
certain kind of neurosis or obsession. Ours, according to
psychology today, has lost a sense of enough. What causes this
behavior may include emotional impoverishment and/or having
parents who are vicariously ambitious. Make no doubt about it,
there is something going on in our culture where enough is never

Today, many people have one critical problem in their life that
they would identify on the surface -- money. The problems of
finances, the frustrations that it brings, the fights, and the
crimes are rampant, even within the family of God, to God's
people who love the Lord, who desire to serve Him and honor Him,
money, possessions, having enough to meet the needs and the
desires of their life is of utmost importance. Today I want to
talk with you on "Breaking Free from Materialism".

The philosophy that I share with you, is simply that,
philosophy, spiritual philosophy, can change your life for the
better. Over the years when it comes to preaching on money, I
have always tried to teach the Bible, and by doing so, I have
consistently taught this church about tithing, giving the first
fruits, the ten percent of your income. But in recent months as
I have looke ...

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