by Curt Dodd

James 1:19-21

Let me ask you a personal question, how many of you would say,
"I have had at least one time in my life where I have literally
lost control. I have lost control to the place that I blurted
out some things and said some things that I should have never
said to some people I should have never said it to but at that
particular moment in my life, I had just lost control and I said
it!" Would you be that honest? How many of you would say, "I
have lost control before in my life!" Keep your hands raised.
Now the rest of you who have not lost control, would you lay
your hands on the person next to you whose hands are ... Because
all of us who are honest would say, "Yeah, there's come a time
in my life where I have lost control." I want you to know there
was a time when I lost control with my wife, but when I got up
off the floor; no, seriously, there are times when it is so easy
to loose control of yourself.

As a believer, God wants us to realize that He has given us the
power to maintain and keep and constantly develop control in our
life. In fact, it's because of your faith, the faith that works
in your life is a faith that will stand in the face of trials
and temptations and even in the fabric of thought inside your
mind. God wants you to have a faith that is really developing
real spiritual control in your life which will make itself
evident in the way you talk, in the way you act and even the way
you think.
If you will, draw your attention to James 1, verses 19-21, just
a small passage, and we're going to look at that: "How to
Develop Control" and he writes:
"My dear brothers, take note ...

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