by Curt Dodd

Isaiah 41:13

How many of you would say, "My life has been just like I always
planned it. I mean there has not been one thing in my life that
has not gone just like I planned it. In fact ever since I could
remember everything I have ever planned has all come out just
right." None of us. In fact, if there was one thing probably
consistent of all of us here together it is simply this, that
all of us have dealt with different detours in our life. In
fact if Indians were to probably name the majority of us, they
would probably call us, "Dances with Detours."

That's what I want to talk to you about today. About how to
dance with detours. The entire Bible is made up of wonderful
true stories that deal with people who had to learn how to dance
with detours. In fact as you look very briefly at the
scriptures, just in a very superficial glance, you find men like
Adam who was set up beautifully in a Garden but he would not be
a gardener forever. You find men like Abraham, a Nomad that God
kept telling, "Keep going, I'm going to show you a place. Just
keep traveling." It was one detour after another for his life.

Then look at David, the leader of God's family who he himself
had problems in his family. God had a wonderful plan for his
life and for his leadership and for the kingship that he had,
there would be one detour after another. But God's hand was
still upon him.

Paul, that great man who wrote almost half of the New Testament,
had a passion to reach his own people, the Jews. But instead
God gave him a ministry to be the missionary to the Gentiles,
what a big detour!

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