by Curt Dodd

Acts: 6:1-7 and I Timothy 3:8-13
Bang, just like that. You are to be with Christ and guess what?
The Bible tells us that one day Jesus is coming again for us
and we who are still alive when Jesus comes and the Bible says,
"The trumpet call of God will sound and the voice of the
Arch-Angel will signal the call and those who are alive in
Christ will be caught up in the air to be with Him." That's
exciting, personally, I don't want to physically die before
Jesus comes. I would rather fly, wouldn't you? Boy, I tell you
what, I'm glad you are here this day and thank you choir for
such a wonderful song.

If you will take your Bibles and turn to Acts, chapter 6 and
then put a finger also in I Timothy, chapter 3. As you are
turning to these two passages, allow me just to give you a brief
word of encouragement and direction. Pray for the Oilers. Many
of us have been afraid to even say anything publicly for fear of
what may occur. Pray for the Oilers. Well, anyway, some of you
would want me to say, "Pray for the Cowboys too!"

Well, we're really here to today not to talk about football, but
to talk about our church. Today is a special day, I'm going to
be more in a teaching mode rather than a preaching mode.
Someone said, "Well, what's the difference?" One little kid
said, "Well, to preach, you yell more." Maybe that's true,
maybe not. But today we are here to prepare us for two weeks.

In two weeks our church will come together and we will nominate
approximately forty-five (45) men to come from out of the body
and to serve in the Deacon Body of our church. This morning I
want to ...

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