by Curt Dodd

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Tonight I want to share with you about Bridge Walking for it is
one of the hardest things for believers to do. As last week we
share with you that it is first of all very normal, it is a
normal expression of believers just to want to build bridges
into the lives or other people. Because once you have truly met
Christ, you can't help but want to share Him with other people.
But often it is frustrated by sin and it's a Biblical command,
we've looked at several things about bridge building, but that's
not really our problem, it is bridge walking that is our

If you will focus in on the one verse out of Daniel 12:3, The
Living Bible says:
"And those who are wise--the people of God--shall shine as
as the sun's brilliance, and those who turn many to
will glitter like stars forever."

God wants you to shine, He wants me to shine, He wants us to
really count for the Kingdom of God. And the way He desires for
us to count is to build bridges into the lives of people who
don't know Christ, and to walk across those bridges and to point
them to Jesus so that eternity is filled full of a lot of people
that you have pointed to Christ.

Let's pray together: Heavenly Father, I thank you for tonight.
We pray that you would even at this very hour as the students
are entering into worship tonight that you would rain down in
that camp and Father I pray for those who haven't met Christ
that they would be saved this night. For those who are dealing
with personal pain, and personal sin, Father I pray that you
would bring a real healing in the beginning of that process in

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