by Curt Dodd

Critical Questions, Crucial Answers
Is the Bible Reliable?
Curt Dodd

Over the next several months, you come week after week and I promise that we will put together an apologetic notebook for you. We will deal with questions that every believer faces and needs answers to defend the gospel, to share their faith, to get people back to answer the most critical question of life and that is,

"What will you do with Jesus Christ?"
But when we talk with people, one of the first things that people often say is, "The Bible is full of errors!" Not that they have read the Bible, or have found any errors, there is just a mentality, because the Book is so large, that it must be full of errors and people have heard other people say, "The Bible is full of errors"; therefore, it seems logical all of those people must be right. So many people just parrot what they have heard others say. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth for yes the Bible is reliable. That's why Christians love the Bible and believe it. It is not just a book written by men that slowly gained prominence over a long period of time, rather, it is a book that is God's Word to us. We can know that it is reliable because of five different reasons.
We can know the Bible is reliable because:

1. The Bible is Completely Unique.
There is not another document like the Bible in the existence of man's history with so much variety and authenticity. The scripture says in Proverbs 6:22:

When you walk, they will guide you; when you sleep, they will watch over you; when you awake, they will speak to you.

The Words of the Bible literally become a companion for every believer. It is unique because of its literary excellence. There are beautiful metaphors and similes in the Proverbs and the scripture that we call the Bible has been translated into hundreds of languages. It has become the world's all time best seller. The amazing thing about its uniqueness is that it is not really one book, ...

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