by Curt Dodd

Decorating Your Home with Applause
Curt Dodd
Luke 6:45

The good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and the evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For out of the overflow of his heart his mouth speaks.

Do you know who Larry Newman is? He is the pilot of the hot air balloon Earthwinds. He is a pilot extraordinaire. In 1978 he navigated the Atlantic Ocean and in 1981 he crossed the Pacific. It was the first time either had been conquered by a balloon. He also has a great crew for his balloon Earthwinds, an engineer and a former Soviet cosmonaut. The Earthwinds is the best of all hot air balloons. It boasts of a sophisticated design featuring not one but two balloons located above a football shaped gondola. It will allow better control. Larry Newman has everything except a good breeze. The problem is that Earthwinds can achieve flight only when the surface air sits in a dead calm while a northeasterly wind whips at least 70 mph at the cruising altitude of 32,000 feet. So far, that has never happened. And, until it does, the Earthwinds is confined to the earth waiting for wind. What a fascinating enigma. One great marvel of technology. Three great trained men and they sit on the earth like a helpless child waiting for a wind. Many of us are just like that. Waiting for wind. Waiting for something to pick us up. One of the characteristics of the Lord Jesus Christ was He knew how to applaud people, how to praise them, how to build them up. And He lived that. And if we will live like Him in our homes, we too will have that very same kind of style.

I want you to notice the power of applause. What does applause do for you when you receive it?
*First of all, I would share of its personal power. When you receive applause from someone, it says to you I'm doing something right. It gives you a feeling that you're worth something at least to one person, the one praising ...

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