by Curt Dodd

DEF's of Handling Anxiety
Curt Dodd
Philippians 4:4-9

I want you to do something tonight, I want you just to stop for a moment, I want you to put your Bibles down, put your notes away. I want to teach you how to cast.

When I first started learning to use a rod and reel, it was a terrible experience. This was before the days of Zebco. That was when you could get one of those little reels where you just pushed the button and it didn't make any difference where it went. This was in the days even before the magnetic reels where you could tighten down the tension on the spool to keep it from going so far.

I'll never forget when I first began to be taught how to use a rod and reel and I had so many backlashes, so many bird's nests, it was really pathetic, it was a terrible experience. Now later on in the years to come that is what is called "professional over-spin". For those who know what to do and all of a sudden when you cast into the wind, it's just a little professional over-spin.

In the early days, sometimes I would find myself trying to get way out there with the bait and it wouldn't go anywhere, it'd just stop at the end of my rod and just drop into the water and it would be a mess and I would have to cut hundreds of yards of fishing line in order to start all over again. The Bible tells us that we are to cast all our cares on Him for He cares for us. Do you know what that means? That means to literally let go of what you are so absorbed with. This day has probably been a tough day for some of you. Some of you have been so tensed up about things in school, about grades, about what people think about you, that you're just in knots and though no one else maybe knows that because you're here, there is still kind of that tension. The moment we walked in here, although we saw a praise video, we still found ourself going, "Go, go, go, go!" Unless you learn how to throw those things that seemingly are on top of you to the Lord, you will still find your ...

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