by Curt Dodd

Angels in the Outfield: Do They Exist?
Curt Dodd
Hebrews 1:14

Today we're going to look at angels and what the Bible says all about angels. For I really believe that this is one of the most interesting subjects that the Bible unfolds for our lives and we would do well to listen to God's Word and allow God's Word to speak to our lives and to our hearts to see exactly the ministry in saints that God has given. The ministry in spirits that God has given to those who believe in Jesus Christ and verse 14 in chapter 1 of the Book of Hebrews. A question is sent, it's given in a manner that is taken for literal truth. Let me read this word to you:

Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation?

The READER'S DIGEST recorded a story a few years ago about Dr. S. W. Mitchell, a Philadelphian neurologist who was awakened one night in the midst of a slumber. It had been a long day, many surgeries and he was finally resting for the evening. On this wintry night the snow was coming down as snow does in Philadelphia many times during the winter. He was awakened by a little knock on his door. He went to the door and there dressed in winter clothes and just shivering was a little girl who said, "Please, Dr. Mitchell, would you come to my house. My mother is dying." He said, "Sure!" He put on his outfit, took his bag and followed the little girl to the place where she showed him her mother. He walked in and the mother had an unbelievable case of double pneumonia and was shivering. He called for medical care, an ambulance was arranged and hospitalization was provided for; but before the ambulance got there, he told the mother who was very conscious of all that had gone on. He said, "I just want to commend you on your little girl that she would walk through the streets in all the snow and find me and bring me to your house to take care of you, her mother." The mother said, "Dr. Mitchell, I don't have a little girl any more, she died a m ...

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