by Fenton Moorhead

Pastor Fenton Moorhead
Genesis 12:2-3
May 6, 2001

"Now as we turn to Your Word, please Lord speak
to our hearts, Your Word is alive, and powerful, and
sharper than any double edged sword. Your Word shows
us the thoughts and the intentions of our hearts. How
can we hear Your Word without repentance, without
turning from sin, without turning to you. Lord, speak
to us today, I ask it in Jesus blessed Name," amen.
If you'd look in your Bible to Genesis chapter
12, let's begin there. The Bible is the history of
God's acts of redemption, His great acts of
redemption, and one of the turning points in the
Bible, if you don't understand this, you can't
understand the Bible. It begins with a man called
Abram, his name is changed to Abraham. And when
Abraham is 75 years old he receives a call from God,
and God tells him basically, "if you will leave where
you are, right here, this place you're so used to,
your country, your family, your people, your
everything, if you will leave that, I will take you to
a land that I will show you." And it's somewhere he's
never been before.
And we read that Abram believes God, and he gets
up and follows Him. And God has promised him, "I will
make you a great nation, I will bless you, you will be
a blessing, and through you, all peoples of the earth
will be blessed."
And so we see God's plan is not just about Abram
who becomes Abraham, but it's about what God is going
to do through him that is so much bigger than Abraham.
God chose a people, and He chose a land to carry out
His plan of redemption. Because we have to understand
Now what happens? You have Abraham, Isaac, and
Jacob. And Jacob's sons are called, Jacob's name is
changed to Israel. And so the tribes of Israel are
named after Jacob's sons. What happens to Jacob's
sons? Well they have a big conflict with a brother
named Joseph. Joseph ends up in Egypt a ...

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