by Fenton Moorhead

Pastor Fenton Moorhead
Matthew 4:19
April 29, 2001

"Father in heaven I thank that You are a mighty God
and that You have given us Your Word, and Your Word is
truth. Lord Jesus thank You for praying for us, that we
would be consecrated to You by the Word, the Word that is
truth. And speak Your Word to our heart today, help us to
be able to focus on You and You alone. We thank You that
the Word of God is alive and powerful, and sharper than a
double edged sword, it reveals the thoughts and motives of
the heart, and nothing is hidden from Your sight, all
creatures are laid bare before You. Lord, show us our
hearts today, and help us to see the truth of our
relationship to You, help us to repent of sin, help us to
express faith, and Lord for those here that have never
chosen to give their lives to You, may they make that
choice today, by Your grace we ask it in Jesus Name," amen,
This morning I want to talk to you about a question,
what is essential basic Christianity, what is it all about?
If you could take what it means to be a Christian, and put
it in a capsule of some kind, a nutshell, and distill it,
what is it?
Jesus made this plain from the beginning, when He
went out and began His ministry and called people to
Himself, He did not walk around and say, Hey everybody, I'm
beginning a new religion. He did not teach things that had
to do primarily with starting some kind of new religion of
any kind. He did not have a headquarters, He was
itinerant. And people were obviously of greatest
importance to Him.
And as He ministered to people, He looked beyond His
own ministry in flesh and blood, and He began to ask "How
is the work of the kingdom of God going to expand in the
future?" And this was His plan all along, and the plan of
the Father. And so from the people who were following Him,
He began to call disciples.
And what did He say to them? Did He ...

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