by Fenton Moorhead

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"Finding the Power That Sustains" - 9-6-98

By Pastor Fenton Moorhead

... the good shepherd wants to offer us His strength today.
This is the fourth in a four part series of messages on
"Finding More Than Happiness." Today is about "Finding The
Strength that Sustains," the strength that doesn't wear thin,
the strength that replenishes us, that restores our soul,
that even our cup runs over from time to time. It is that
strength we're looking for.
So I want to begin this morning by asking the question,
is there anybody here that's tired? I mean, tired, tired.
The kind of tired that won't be changed by just a good
night's sleep, by a tropical vacation, but a deeper kind of
tired. And you've started to accept this as normal, that
it's unavoidable, it's a part of living life today.
Well, there is a malady of our age. If you want to use
your outline today, I encourage you to use it. And the
malady of our age is soul exhaustion, soul exhaustion, or
soul fatigue. We are not a community of people that are out
committing acts of violence, robbing and stealing from each
other. There are communities where that's the major problem.
But our major problem, what wears us down and wears us out,is
that our souls get exhausted by the frantic pace of
life. Is there anybody here this morning that woke up, so
fullof life, that you did not brew any coffee, and you didn't
dare drink any caffeine, because if you did, it would belike
pouring, you know, gasoline on the fire of your life, you're
so full of life? Is there anybody here that woke up
thismorning, and you looked in the mirror, and you almost
scared yourself, because you were so full of vim, vigor and
Probably not. Because we live lives that are non-stop.
We get up in the morning, we go until late at night, we
press on in terms of just the pace of life. I say this
is our ...

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