by Fenton Moorhead

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"Finding the Life Worth Living" - 8-23-98

By Pastor Fenton Moorhead

... to choose to live for a purpose or a cause, other than
Christ, is to miss the life worth living. Let's pray
together right now.
Would you just examine your heart in the very stillness
of this moment. If you had to state your life purpose, how
you are investing your life, your energy, your emotions, if
you could say this one thing I live for, is it truly ordained
of God, called of God, or is it temporary, passing, this
world for merely yourself?
"God, speak to our hearts this morning, give us great
spiritual illumination, insight, understanding that can only
come from the movement of your Holy Spirit in our minds and
in our hearts. Help us to hear the call of Jesus afresh
today, as He called the men and women along the sea of
Galilee, help us this morning to hear that call clearly, to
understand it's implications. Call us, in Jesus Name, amen,
Let me ask you in the beginning, just a few questions,
probing. Is life about, what is life about? Is life about
profit, is life about how much money you can make, and the
power, the control that that affluence gives you, is that

what life is about? Is that your life purpose?
Is life about pleasure? Is life about having the time
and resources to do whatever will please you, bring about
pleasure in your life? Is life about possessions? Is life
about being able to go out and buy whatever you think will
give you that happiness you're looking for?
Or, is life, number four, about a purpose, greater than
yourself? A purpose greater than self?
This is what Jesus called men and women, boys and girls
to measure life by, by your purpose, by what God has made you
for. You know, the widest thing in the universe is not
space. The widest thing in the created universe is the heart
of man, because it is created ...

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