by Fenton Moorhead


August 2, 1998

By Pastor Fenton Moorhead

"Father God, as we come to this time in our service when
we focus on you and your Word, give us a world view, where we
see that our obedience to you, not only impacts our lives,
and our ability to be significant in your kingdom, but it
impacts the work of your kingdom around the world.
"And so give us a bigger vision of who we are and what
we are. Help us to see to the ends of the earth, to the
slums of Nairobi, to the children living in the streets of
Mongolia, to the desperately needy people of Bangladesh,
India, those in Latin America, living in tragic conditions,
and people in spiritual death all over the world, living
without Christ. We thank you that we're able to reach to
these, and to many other places, because of your grace. And
I ask it in Jesus Name, amen."
Alright, if you take your outline right now and get
ready, okay, here we go. "Cheap or Priceless Grace." Is
grace or grace, or is there a kind of grace that's out there
today that is kind of discount house grace, bargain basement
grace, where you can get the blessings of God, but it doesn't
cost you anything, in terms of commitment, devotion, change
of lifestyle. Is there such a thing as cheap grace?
This term came into vogue many, many years ago. A young
man by the name of Detrick Bonhoffer, when Hitler came to
power in Germany, wrote a book called, The Cost
of Discipleship. It's a classic writing. And Bonhoffer
said, "The church in Germany, during Hitler's rise to power,
was dispensing cheap grace, grace at bargain discount
prices." It's a book worth reading.
Here we see in Romans chapter 6, we're going to look at
this section of scripture today, and the apostle Paul in the
previous chapters, has made a definitive statement that God's
grace is God's priceless gift, it's beyond human achievement,
it' ...

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