by Fenton Moorhead


July 26, 1998

By Pastor Fenton Moorhead

... we were in our church, when we were in the gymnasium
and they left, and they came back. I'm so glad God brought
them back, don't do they do a great job of leading us?
(clapping). And I'm glad to be back. I didn't go as long as
they did, but I tell you I miss it when I'm not here. It's
hard to go on vacation, because I miss being here. But I
know it's good to be away, because it's better when you come
back, right? Better when you come back.
Boy, there are some people in our church that have been
working so very hard, and we had our children's camp this
past week. We had folks that went off with them, and over
200 children, third grade and above, third through fifth
grade, had a wonderful time. If you're one of those adults
that went with the children on camp, would you stand up right
now, that we might recognize you, all around the congregation
okay? Come on, come on, (clapping), alright. Great.
And we did urban camp this week, and that's camp
reaching out to boys and girls 12-16, kids that are at risk,
because of their economic situation, their domestic situation
kids that economically would never be able to go to camp. We
had, I think 130 girls and 190 boys that went, and the names
of the people that served are listed here in the bulletin.
Now if you're one of the people that served in the girls or
boy's camp this week, the outreach camp, the urban camp,
would you stand up that we might thank you and say our
appreciation to you. Come on, don't be bashful, get up,
alright, (clapping). Thank you for being there. Some of
them might not be here this morning, they're having to
recover from all that ministry they went through, because I
guarantee you, there's not a lot of sleep at those camps, but
there's a lot of great things that God does, and we just want
to say ...

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