by Fenton Moorhead

Will God Bless America?
Fenton Moorhead

That was full of energy, full of life, full of the desire for the freedom to press on, to move higher, the right kind of freedom. One of the easiest things to abuse and harm is freedom. Let's pray right now as we approach the Word of God.

''Lord, we come to you today asking for a fresh and new understanding of what you have truly given to us in this land, the opportunity that is ours. Help us to understand it, help us to see freedom as opportunity, to freely express our love for you, and devotion for you, to freely obey you, instead of the freedom to do as we please. Help us to see that that is a license that will only lead to harm. So show us today what we have, help us to cherish it.

''And oh God, we pray that you would send an awakening to our land, a new revival of what freedom is all about, for where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. Send your Spirit here today to set us free, in Jesus Name, amen.''

If you take now your outline, Will God Bless America? Talking about the future, Will God Bless America? He has blessed this land, there is no doubt about that.

One hundred years ago Kathryn Lee Bates looked out from the top of Pike's Peak at her beloved country, and she wrote the patriotic hymn, ''America the Beautiful.'' She wrote, ''America, America, God shed His grace on thee; and crowned thy good with brotherhood, from sea to shining sea.''

So there could be no doubt that God has blessed America in the past, but will He continue to bless this country and her people? Will He continue to do that? Or, are we looking at the turn of God's blessing, the turn of God's face, the taking back of God's hand where He will no longer be blessing our land as we did see Him bless our land in the past?

America was born as a result of a bloody revolution, and almost 100 years later America survived a tragic civil war. And America was responsible, with the allies, for securing freedom for our world in Worl ...

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