by Fenton Moorhead

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PERSON OF CHRIST, Tape 12, *page 1*


Tape Twelve, Jesus...How God Speaks to Us

By Pastor Fenton Moorhead

... you just think about that a moment. You have a dog, that dog looks at you,
smiles at you, they really smile, you know? They just think you're the most
wonderful person in the world, all they want is your attention.
But people, it's a little different than that, isn't it? They tend to know more
about us. Talking to God is prayer, God talking to us is called revelation, God
revealing Himself. And God wants to speak to us today, He wants to reveal
Himself. He isn't interested in being silent or in keeping secrets, but God doesn't
speak by shouting, and He doesn't speak by neon signs flashing.
When Elijah wanted to hear from God, God was not in the fire, He was not in
the earthquake, He was not in the storm, but there was a gentle whisper.
So God wants to speak to the inner person, He wants to speak to your heart.
And so, if God is going to get to your attention, what is it going to take? Well what
does He want to speak to us about? If you want to follow along in the outline, you're
interested in filling in the blanks, this is where it begins.
God wants to speak to us about, number one, who He is.

You know, if a policeman stops you, I hope that hasn't happened to you recently, but
it may have. They want to know who you are. And they say, "I want to see your
driver's license," it has your vital statistics, typically very out of date. There's a
picture of you, but it may still have on there, the color your hair used to be, how
much you used to weigh.
What God wants to tell us about Himself is, number two, what matters to
Him. Who He is, what His character is, and what matters to Him, what He's
concerned about. So when God speaks, it's going to be about who He is as holy
When God spoke to Moses, He said, "I am the Lord ...

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