by Fenton Moorhead

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PERSON OF CHRIST, Tape 8, *page 1*


Tape Eight - Jesus, God's Indescribable Gift

By Pastor Fenton Moorhead

... message has to do with God's inexpressible gift, Jesus. Who is Jesus
as God's inexpressible gift? What did the apostle mean when he said that Jesus
was indescribable? What is that all about?
And I think as we look at giving today, and you notice in the article that
I wrote that I don't want you to read now, but I want you to read it later,
there are suggested categories if we're going to raise about seven and a half
million dollars for projects, and another million for missions over the next
three years, then it takes gifts of certain kinds. And so this is a suggested
profile where we pray, and we examine it, to ask ourselves, "Where do I fit in
And we're a church that will do this, as the money is provided. We
probably will use a bridge loan of some kind that is very short term. When we
built this building, the bridge loan, we paid it off in the first year we were
in the building. That year we also gave $700,000 to missions. How amazing, how
amazing that is, (clapping)
Since we've been in this building, the four years we've been in it, we've
given over three million dollars to
missions. We've started churches, started a church in South Carolina, that this
Easter had over 3,000. A church four years old have 3,000 in attendance. On a
regular Sunday they have over 2,000 now in their building that they've built.
The church at River Point we've started. The churches in Colorado, two
now. A church in Tucson, Arizona. We are presently co-sponsoring 15 church
starts in the greater Houston area, 15 we are co-sponsoring right now. And our
missions pastor, Walter August is very busy, incredible dedication the Lord has
given to him. So what we are doing is not about the kingdom of God herein Sugar
Creek, it is the kingd ...

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