by Fenton Moorhead

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PERSON OF CHRIST, Tape 6, *page 1*


Tape Six - Jesus, Servant of Others

By Pastor Fenton Moorhead

... story of how God has brought, you know, redemption into their lives, and
not abstractly but personally, in that they have reconciled, and have a brand
new life, by the grace of God, and we're just so thankful. Ann how long ago was
that terrible day, when you had to sit down and make that statement? (It's
about a year and a half ago.)
And, like this just didn't happen easily, there's a lot of growing pain, (yes
there was). And that men's group stuck by you? (still is.) You still go to
that group? (Yes). How often? (Once a week, early in the morning, with no
continental breakfast), (laughter).
And these changes were not a show? (oh absolutely not, in fact Michael has a
new title, it's the RP man, right? Since, the rose pedal man, I think one of our
Sunday school partners gave him that title when I told the story that Sunday
night about how romantic Michael is now, and he sprinkles rose pedals in bath
water, and all kinds of....) That's enough of that, we don't, we don't need to
hear anymore of that, so the rest of us will be held accountable for that,
I just praise God. So the love that you thought was gone, what happened? (It
could only have come from God, I mean there's an incredible change in our
lives.) Now you feel like you love him more than when you got married? (Oh
it's like we're teenagers again, yes, it's amazing.) That's wonderful, let's
just praise God for these folks, thank you, God bless you, (clapping).
So this is what Sugar Creek is all about, people. Jesus came to seek and to
save the lost. He did not come for the already convinced, He did not come for
the already convinced. He did not come for people pretending to have their lives
altogether, He came for people who would tell the truth about wha ...

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