by Fenton Moorhead

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PERSON OF CHRIST, Tape 3, *page 1*


Tape Three - Jesus: The Way, The Truth and the Light

By Pastor Fenton Moorhead

... which god, I have lots of listings? You know, I have lots of pages. Do
you want the god of the church of the philosophers, who is the, you know the
ultimate reality god? Do you want the god of the church of in depth theology,
the ground of our being god? You know, or do you want one of the, you know, do
you want to dial up the Buddhist temple? Do you want B______, or Islam? Which,
you have to tell me which one of these gods you want.
Well, I think what I remember is that He is holy God. We don't have a listing
for holy God, you'll have to look for Him in the book that is called by His
Name, The Holy Bible,ÿget it?
You see today, people think they can dial up a god of their choice, a god of a
religion. And if there is a god of a man made religion, I would suggest to you
and myself that he is way too small, because he is invented by a man, the church
of scientology. You see, the focus is on man, it begins with man, and it
pretends to end with God.
But any religion that begins with man will always be as small as a man. What's
wrong with that? Well man is finite, he is limited, his ideas and his thoughts
are not going to be any better than your ideas, or thoughts, or somebody else's
ideas or thoughts. But if Holy God, in heaven, has chosen a way to reveal
Himself to man, and He chose a man named Abraham a long time ago and He said,
"Abraham, out of you I'm going to make a great nation, and through you all
peoples on the earth will be blessed."
And it was through that chosen people, the old covenant was given, and the
covenants were given through Moses, and the prophets, and the kings of Israel.
And those prophets said what? They said, "A Messiah is coming, the anointed One
is coming, and He is going to be a light to the ...

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