by Fenton Moorhead

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"How Jesus Prayed for His Disciples, Cont."

By Pastor Fenton Moorhead

You have some scripture before you today, it's from John chapter 17, it is on your outline, it is also
in your Bible. This is the Lord's Prayer.
You say, "But wait a minute, it isn't "Our Father Who art in Heaven."
Why did Jesus teach what we call The Lord's Prayer? Well the disciples said, "Teach us to pray."
And so what He gave us, and what we call the Lord's Prayer is really an outline for disciples to pray. And
so when we pray, "My Father in heaven, holy is Your Name, Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done," it isn't
a prayer to be memorized and said repetitiously, it is an outline for you to pray from as a disciple. And how
wonderful Jesus gave us that, the disciple's prayer.
The Lord's Prayer we find in John chapter 17, it is the prayer of Christ, as He prays for Himself,
and that He prays for His disciples, and He prays for the church. And this is right before He goes to the
cross, this is in the upper room. He stands, and looks to heaven, and He prays aloud. The disciples heard
this prayer, just as the Father in heaven heard it. And so we have it recorded for us, and we're able

to hear Jesus pray, and I believe that it is the greatest prayer ever prayed. And we look at the second part
today, of how Jesus prayed for His disciples, and if He prayed for His disciples then, He prays for them
today. And how should we hear His Word?
Well, I know of a pastor that went to visit, and he went to the side door, kind of through a little
garden, and he knocked on the door, and there were cars out front, and he believed that people were home,
had every reason to believe they were there, and yet nobody answered.
So when Jesus answers today our knocks, you need to answer, don't leave Him out. You have to
open the door and intentionally want to hear Him.
And so ...

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