by Fenton Moorhead

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Tape Six

By Pastor Fenton Moorhead

This is the year of hope, and as we continue to think about this, and how important it is, hope is, is
something that everybody needs, it isn't optional, something for all of us. Let's bow our heads and pray
right now, and ask God to prepare our hearts. Would you ask God right now, to give you the spiritual ears
to hear? Jesus said, "He who has ears, let him hear."
So we confess, "Oh God to you, that there are times we do not hear your Word, because we have
not asked to be taught by your Spirit spiritual things. And so right now we recognize that the Holy Spirit is
the Spirit of truth, and we do want to hear spiritual truth today. So God, make our hearts receptive to your
Word. Lord, teach us today what it means to have a giving, generous heart, teach us that, we need to learn
it, in Jesus Name, amen, amen."
The outline today, if you're going to follow it, you notice has a lot more spaces than usual. I
promised the people at the last service I'd put my copy of the outline down here, and then I got in such a
rush at the end I didn't do it, so all the Type A's walked out of here really going,
you know, berserk that they didn't get all the blanks filled in, but I'll, you know provide it later. But don't so
focus on this that you miss the intent of what God wants to say to us today.
Before I begin, I want to say a word to those of you that are coming to our open house tonight. If
you're a new comer, and you've signed up, if you didn't get a map, there are maps available in the back
foyer. Our next open house will be March 12th. And so if you haven't signed up, what I'm telling you is,
we're full tonight. So March 12th is the next one. But if you've signed up, please come. We've made plans
for you to be there, and we look forward to your being there.
And then our Prayer For ...

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