by Fenton Moorhead

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Tape Four

By Pastor Fenton Moorhead

... Many of you have already got one of these in the mail, and we want to encourage you to take
this one, and to take it with you to work, or give it to a neighbor in your neighborhood, and it will attach to
anything metallic. Somebody told me they were driving down 90A, and they saw one of these on the back
of a white Suburban, "The Year of Hope," right under the window. And they're attached to file cabinets at
businesses, and you know, if you look at it, "The Year of Hope," hope is a generic word. It's a word that's
just a positive word, and it's something that everybody knows they need. And the scripture verse there is
our theme verse for this year as well, and it's a way of putting something in front of people that I don't
believe offends people from a wide variety of backgrounds. And so it allows them to show an interest
without knowing everything that's there, and it wets an appetite. And if somebody asks you, you could say,
"Well it's the hear of hope at our church, and hope is in plentiful supply at Sugar Creek Baptist Church, and
would you be my guest."
And we've been giving out now these little green cards,
they're available at the Welcome Center, I'm holding one up, and it says, "Be my guest at church this
Sunday, because I love my church, it's a place where I sense God's love and acceptance, and I get real
answers for the practical needs of my life every week." And there's a map on the back of it, and so it's a
great combination. These are available at the Welcome Center, so take that magnet with you, and as a
celebration gift of our first celebration here in our worship center, and share it with somebody. We did mail
them out last week, and perhaps you didn't get one, then you can use this one. And if you did, I hope that
you'll use this profitably for the glory of Go ...

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