by Fenton Moorhead

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Tape Three

By Pastor Fenton Moorhead

... tis a tree of life, instead of place of condemnation. And the drama that we saw has such a
powerful message, as you go through life, there are people that tell you you're ugly, you're stupid, you're
worthless, and you're below average. But God says that you matter to Him, you matter to Him. That's the
message of Christ, that is the message of the gospel. And we want to be a church where that message is so
clear, it is unmistakable, that we are not a people full of ourselves, full of dead religion, but full of the very
love of God, and we believe that all people matter to God, that God desires that they be on His team, on His
We're going to look at scripture today, and the outline as you look at it there from Philippians
chapter 2, and it is scripture that is powerful as any in the Bible, in terms of it being definitive about what
Jesus is all about, His church is all about, what His disciples are all about. And this morning we're going to
have a spiritual EKG, and look into the Word of God, and see reflected there what our heartbeat is like.
And, as we do this this morning, let's pray
together right now.
"Lord, I do thank you for your Word, for how encouraging it is, and how blunt it is. And I just
pray for the full impact of your Word this morning, upon all of our lives, in Jesus Name, amen, amen."
Many of you have been so kind as to ask me about my father. A couple of weeks ago I mentioned
that he was, it looked like he was going to have surgery. He's about 86 years old, been diabetic, and he had
surgery this past Wednesday, and I was able to go over and be with him for about three days. And they
took his right leg, just beneath the knee, and he came back from surgery, and did fine. And the second day
after surgery, when he came back from therapy they gave him a pain ...

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