by Fenton Moorhead

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PART 10 - KEEP GROWING, October 22, 1995

By Pastor Fenton Moorhead

... past four or five years, George Cumby, George would you come please. Let me also ask Cody and Barbara Carlson to come, let's welcome our special guests today, (audience clapping). How you today George?
George works in the inner city, and has done a great job, and is there every year at our urban camp. That's a great camp, isn't it George. And in the background of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, there are professional athletes and others that come along side of us that really make a difference, don't they? George was a, was it a three or four time All American at Oklahoma? Three time All American at Oklahoma, then he played for Buffalo, (audience clapping), for Buffalo, and Green Bay, and you know, you look at him, he looks like he'd still play today, doesn't he? And he's used of God mightily in the inner city schools, George just walks on campus, and they just, they just invite you, you don't have to ask, he just shows up, and he's able to minister there, and really make an impact, and I'm so thankful for George.
And George has come today to present the Flying Eagle award, it is the highest aware, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes presents. And Cody Carlson and Barb, of course, Cody played at Baylor on the championship team there. I thought we had a few players that were on that team that would be here today, that are members of our church. Are there any of them out there that would be willing to stand up and admit it? We've got the punter, and one of the linemen, but I don't think either one of them are here today, I think they're both having to work today, but that's alright.
And Cody, of course, with the Houston Oilers. But in our urban camp, Cody's outstanding generosity in the back ground of that camp giving, has helped make that camp possible five years. And then his outrageo ...

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