by Fenton Moorhead

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Encouragement (8 of 10)
Fenton Moorhead
1 Thessalonians 5:11

Head, who just played the piano, Melissa, please come up here and talk with me. Melissa is a very, very unusual person, and likely, there is something about her very different from everybody here today. Most of us here know our exact birthdays, right? You know your exact birthday. Melissa doesn't know that. I want you to know the circumstances of why, she's 19 years old, right? But, why don't you know your birthday, Melissa?

Well, when I was about a week and a half old, my birth mother left me in a styrofoam ice chest, in a green house in Austin, Texas. And the caretaker of the green house found me, and took me to the hospital, to make sure I was healthy and everything. And after the doctors checked me over, they looked for some records on me, to see, you know, where I was born, and when I was born, and to whom. And they couldn't find any of that information. And after awhile, you know, after all the papers went through and everything, they decided to just, you know, put me up for adoption, you know, because it had been on the TVs and radios and everything, you know, and my birth parents never came forth.
And so they decided, you know, that since they didn't know my exact birthday, because they had no records on me, that the parents that eventually adopted me when I was four months old, could just choose my birthday, they knew it was, they had narrowed it down to March 16th, 17th, or 18th, so my birth parents were allowed to pick it, and they chose the middle date, the 17th, so that's my official birthday.

Alright. Now, watching Melissa, and she's been around our church for awhile now, and I noticed her, and I noticed that she was kind of an effervescent, outgoing, smiling person, and had no idea that she was born, and for whatever reason, her mother couldn't handle it. But I understand, placed you very carefully, not haphazardly, in this styrofoam cooler, where you would be discovered, a ...

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