by Fenton Moorhead

December 27, 1994

Notes for Sunday PM Service:

Personal prayer is the meeting place between the Eternal One and

The Lord's Supper is the visible sign of my covenant with Him.

I meet with God in a special way in personal prayer.
I meet with Him in a special way when I have the Lord's Supper.
God comes to me in a unique way when I pray, and when I sit at
His table.

His coming to me, His presence, is not the result of my waiting
or a prize for my efforts.

They are His decision based on His love freely poured out.

His coming is bound to His promise, not to my works or virtue.
I have not earned the meeting with God because I have served Him
faithfully in my brothers or because I have heaped up a pile of
virtue so as to shine before Heaven.

God comes to me by His love not attracted by my beauty.

He comes in moments even when I have done everything wrong, when
I have done nothing right, when I have sinned. The invitation
to the Lords table is based on whom He is in Himself as
forgiving love.

When God comes to me, I will be able to say, now I understand:
God--You alone are enough for me.

I would say this repeatedly if I could live for even one second
in the fire of His trinity and the bliss of His loving unity.

When He comes to me He is inviting me to experience fellowship
with Him. The fellowship that exists between the Father, the
Son and the Holy Spirit that is uninterrupted by any
circumstance or any event.

I tend to think of God in the dramatic things--in glorious

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