by David Davis

The Penitentiary of the Damned
David Davis
Luke 16:19-31

As much as we all like to think about -- talk about -- and yes, preach about heaven, the truth is -- there still exists another place where people are -- even today -- and that place is called hell.

Jesus spoke more about hell than He did heaven. The writers of the Gospels wrote more about hell than heaven, prayer, and forgiveness combined.

Look at Luke 16:19-31

There is a central picture in this story -- that is -- there is a fixed condition in life after death.

These men were sent immediately to their eternal residence -- one in heaven -- one in hell -- and they were informed that their eternal condition would never change.

This is a true story! It is different than a parable.
A parable is like -- ''Did you hear about?''
But when proper names are used -- it is no longer a fictional illustration -- but a real true life experience.

Parables are earthly stories with a heavenly meaning to communicate truth.

This story is not a parable! Jesus is giving us the reality of what it means to receive or reject the Lord Jesus Christ.

The rich man died -- like all of us some day. The Bible says -- ''It is appointed unto man once to die and then the judgment.''

There are four tremendous truths that this man discovered when death called out his name.

As soon as you hear about hell -- the first question that arises is - ''Can it really be true? Would a loving God allow someone to go to hell?''

What are the options? That we all go to heaven? Let's follow that line of reasoning for a moment.

Let's say we have been in heaven for a few months and we are walking down Hallelujah Blvd. and standing at the intersection of Glory Be Lane -- we hear a siren go off. I say, ''What's that?'' ''Well -- that's the 10:00 p.m. curfew. You see -- everybody goes to heaven and so the rapist -- murderers -- muggers -- thieves -- are all up here. Run for your life?''

So I go a f ...

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