by J.D. Greear

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But science has disproved the Bible! (6 of 7)
Series: Why I'm not a Christian
JD Greear
John 20:24-31

This morning we launched our 4th campus... West Club Blvd., for those of you joining in our West Club campus... welcome.

This objection is one I'm sure you've encountered, especially if you're in college or recently been in college: You've been in some class... Science class, or history or psychology... and the professor has ''proved'' that what the Bible says is wrong... You don't really know what to do... You respect your professor; he or she sounds like they know what they're talking about... and people wonder, ''Is science the enemy of Christianity?'' Guys like Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, etc, certainly make you think it is.

I've had several people ask me over the years, as they were considering Christianity, ''But what about evolution?'' They think that to become a Christian they have to ignore this mountain of data for evolution. This objection is one of the most common that we got on our website,

ww.whyimnotachristian.com. ''

So, today, I want to talk to you about what you do when you have a question about science and the Bible...really, the things we're going to discuss today really encapsulate the whole series. All 7 of these objections are really doubts... how do you handle them? I told you I've had doubts... In fact, I think there are 3 kinds of Christians: those who currently struggling with doubt; those who have in the past struggled with doubt, and those that don't think. Remember, I told you that doubts can actually be good because they are like a foot poised... vaccine... the Christian life without doubt is like a body without antibodies. I believe God can handle your doubts. In fact, there is a greater danger in having a superficial, untested faith. We get to turn to one of the most famous doubters of all... Thomas. I 've noticed that everybody kind of likes Thomas...i think because we feel some sympathy.

Gue ...

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