by Duane Bemis

How to stop worrying by Inhale-Exhale
Duane Bemis
Matthew 6:26

Introduction: After preaching on this topic of worry I found the need is greater than I imagined it to be. And Jesus' has the answer to this normal problem. Worry is at an epidemic level among Believers.

I first preached, ''Don't Worry X5 (Times Five)'' at the Flightline Church in Big Spring, Texas. Next, I preached this message at the church at Interstate and finally to our current students at Texas University of Theology. The testimonies and the follow up conversations with my wife and we saw the immense problem 'worry' is among followers of Jesus.

Story Time: Wondering what had happened in one of the churches I oversee; I noticed there was a great problem; I just did not know what it was. The prison church was growing and expanding, when within one week the numbers where cut in half. I had a problem and I knew it was with the inmates who were running the church; while I tending to the sheep in three other prison churches. Seeking the Lord and His Kingdom first I found how to manage churches behind the razor wire.

After preaching an anointed message, I was perplexed in how to go forward. As I was driving home, while listening to worship music I quieted my heart to hear the gentle whisper of the Lord. While driving I said, ''Lord.'' This is all I said and the Lord answered, ''They are ripping the Bride's dress and exposing her to the world. I want you to sit down all the leaders. Then here is the interim inmate pastor.'' Now, I was angry thinking how mad I would be if someone came to my wedding, to my beloved, and they tried to take hold of her dress. These were fighting words and actions. How dare anyone go into the midst of a wedding ceremony and rip her dress.

I followed this with, ''Lord.'' And again the Lord spoke, ''Assign the remaining leaders, to read , I want them to read Ezekiel 34 five times. Follow this with a one page essay about what I taught them while reading this ...

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