by Rick Ferguson

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Series: High Voltage Love
Dr. Rick E. Ferguson
2 Corinthians 5:14-21

Introduction: I want to set the stage for today's message using a story out of the Old Testament.

- The story is recorded in the Book of 2 Kings, chapters 6 and 7.

- The event happens in Israel, in the city of Samaria.

- Elisha is God's prophet in Israel and Jehoram is king.

- The capital city of Samaria has come under attack from the Syrians.

- The Syrian armies have surrounded the city and prevented anyone from entering or leaving. Their plan was to starve the people to death.

- The plan is working. The people of Samaria are literally starving to death, so much so, that people were willing to pay a lifetime of earnings to buy a donkey's head for food.

- Women are literally boiling their babies and eating them.

- The situation is about as desperate as it can get. The city is on the brink of collapse when God
intervenes and performs a miracle.

- God caused the Syrian armies to hear the thunderous rumble of chariots and horses. The noise sounded like a great army.

- The Syrians became frightened at the noise, and began to speculate that the fearsome armies of Egypt and the Hittites have come to rescue Samaria.

- Panic and mass hysteria set in and Syrian soldiers begin to run for their lives, trying to get back
across their own borders before the Egyptians and the Hittites can capture them and slaughter them.

- They flee in such a panic that they leave everything behind, including their tents, their horses and donkeys, their clothes, their weapons, their food--everything.

- Well, there were no Egyptian or Hittite armies marching toward them. God had created the noise to frighten the Syrians and save the capital city fromstarvation.

- Four men who were lepers living in Samaria had decided the previous night to take the chances with the Syrians. They had reasoned, ''If we stay any longer in this city, we are going ...

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