by Rick Ferguson

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A Marriage Energized by High-Voltage Love (3 of 8)
Series: High-Voltage Love
Dr. Rick E. Ferguson
1 Corinthians 13:1-13

(An exposition and application of 1 Corinthians 13)
Introduction: (Using a lamp for an illustration. Have a lamp on the platform that is unplugged. Also have a power cord available at pulpit to plug the lamp into)

I have a lamp with me on the platform today to make a point with you. Notice this lamp is giving off zero light. Nothing is really broken in the lamp, there is nothing mechanically wrong with the lamp. The lamp simply is not plugged into the power source it needs to give off light. When I plug the lamp in, it radiates with life and light just like it was built to do. This lamp is like a lot of marriages today. Everything about the marriage looks fine. There is nothing mechanically wrong, but the marriage has no life or light to it. But,

- The life
- The light
- The passion
- The glow
- The energy
- The magnetism
- The magic
- The fire
- The romance
- The heat
- The intensity
- The joy

...has all faded.

Some of you are sitting here feeling as though THE LIGHT HAS GONE OUT in your marriage.

NOTE: Usually you ladies are more alert to this than you guys are. Guys live most of their lives in RELATIONAL DARKNESS and they don't seem bothered by it.

But ladies are typically built with great RELATIONAL SENSITIVITY. It is as though your brain was built with all kinds of RELATIONSHIP SENSORS. (Like photo- sensors) You can detect even the slightest change in RELATIONAL ILLUMINATION.

And some of you know that you're marriage is like this lamp. Structurally, mechanically, the marriage looks fine but, the light has gone out.

I want to give you a ray of hope that your marriage can once again have its sparkle and glow. Passion can burn brightly again, just like it did when you first fell in love. The way to get the light back into your marriage is to get plugged into the right power source.


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